We are creators of BusinessQ, our business intelligence and data visualization software.


Mission and Vision

Qualia is an imaginative software company with clear task to offer high-quality services to our clients, to make software products which are characterized by simplicity, functionality, user-friendliness and exceptional visual attractiveness.

We see ourselves as your partners that are curious about your business and its improvement, that are always available, real and truthful. In our work besides professionalism we cherish creativity and sense of humor.

Our vision is to become internationally acknowledged brand and association for speed, exactness and breathtaking final product.

What are we doing

We specialize in making custom software, data integration or business intelligence solutions to satisfy company’s, department’s or individual user’s needs in order to improve business processes, decision- making speed, team collaboration or information sharing.

How are we different

We do not build applications or solutions that meet only minimum requirements of functionality, but the ones that will have the above mentioned inner beauty.

Such applications work better, faster, cost less, have less mistakes, last longer and have you – a satisfied user.

What we believe in

Our focus is in custom software development for visually attractive business applications as well as in data integration, data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

In our work we have a passion for the same level of quality and performance that we expect of the top architectural achievements in everyday life. We believe that interior software design is reflected in its external applications and interface, just like beautiful building is a combination of form, structure and beauty.

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