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Hrvoje Smolić

Managing Director


mobile +385 91 2010 075


Hrvoje is responsible for all parts of the planning processes and development strategies in Qualia. He is continually improving business processes to fulfill the Qualia’s Mission. As Creative Director he develops and oversees the overall look of applications, using design principles to organize their content and ensure full user-application communication. He defines their structure, information design and interface. As a Project Manager he defines and evaluates end user requirements, document Projects and test final results.

Before founding Qualia in 2010, Hrvoje had seven years of experience in the IT community. He began his career developing commercial applications for the banks, with client-server programming and relational database modeling in the role of business analyst in the company Vestigo. Later, as employee at Adacta he started as a consultant for Business Intelligence (BI), and then moved to position as Head of BI and CRM team, BI project manager and as a product manager. He has a degree in Physics from Zagreb University and is currently on PhD.