Yesterday I stumbled upon an article on  I quote the author:

“I was surprised reading this article how many stats were included and yet how few visuals. Only one graph, in fact:
My challenge to you is this: read the article and determine what data you find most interesting then visualize it. You can remake the above graph, or focus on bringing life to numbers included in the report by making them visual. ”


So I decided to look at the article and to pick up this visualization for improvement:


Figure 12

I did my version of this visualization because:

1. First of all, I don’t quite like pie charts for visualization. I think that bar charts are far better because human perception is not very good at comparison of areas.

2. Slopegraph which I used is rarely used, yet very effective data visualization. I wanted to give credit to it.


So, on to my visualization:


Data viz challenge: How Teens Research

I think there is much more clarity in state of % of search engine used with slopegraph. Moreover, trend i immediately visible, too.

What is also interesting is that 2004 and 2012 the answer “none” is almost the same…

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