Business Information

In the global market, where competitition is increasing all the time, companies must constantly check for their competitiveness. To find a successful business strategy, they need timely, relevant and consistent information about their business and market conditions.

The aim is to achieve better business results in a complex market conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to implement a mechanism for collecting all relevant data and converting them into information for decision making and management.

Data Warehouse (DWH)

The whole Business Intelligence system is based on data warehouse (DWH). It represents a set of raw data organized in the business language of dimensions and measures.

Typical business dimensions are time, customers, vendors…, while the typical measures are Sales in EUR, the number of pieces produced or credit amount from the General Ledger. The data in a data warehouse do not have to be necessarily up-to date because it’s primary purpose is business analysis.

They are intended for managers and those whose daily job is data analysis, for employees who follow the business processes and report on them, or are engaged in business planning and what-if simulations.


Qualia provides you services to identify key business dimensions and measures in business areas (eg Purchase or Sales). Based on the analysis we make an integrated data warehouse of your raw transactional data, but also from any external relevant data.

During the implementation of DWH we use the world’s best practice in terms of dimensional models, aggregate tables, tracking history, etc. The same method is used as the basis for supporting our BusinessQ Reports, Analysis and Dashboards with information.