From a few days ago, we developed a new feature in BusinessQ – “Publish”. We understand that people often want to share public business information with colleagues, business partners or maybe vendors or customers.  People want to share anything, anywhere and anytime. This is our first step towards “collaborative BI”, BusinessQ reports can be shared with multiple consumers for collaborative decision-making.

Instead of sharing documents and content using tools like document repositories, email, email attachements etc, BusinessQ offers you an easy way to share business insights in form of tables or graphs. All you have to do is send a link to desired public report.

Follow links for examples (Flash Player required)

Example 1: Sales Trends by Category [Graph]

Example 2: Sales Details by Year [Table] 


Sending spreadsheet files with your email is unpractical and space-consuming. On top of that, spreadsheet reporting model approach doesn’t support a single-point version of truth paradigm.   With BusinessQ you can impress your colleagues or business partners and send a single link to bring them  to interactive, filter-enabled reports. Of course, those links can be embedded in blogs or web pages, too.

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