Opened in 1925 as a refuge for passengers from the Orient Express, the über-stylish Esplanade Zagreb is an architectural gem. Located within easy reach of key attractions, the city’s most iconic hotel combines art deco glamour with every contemporary convenience. Long-established as a haven for A-List movie stars, politicians, singers and artists, the hotel’s fairytale exterior and gracious guest accommodation make it easily the most prestigious hotel in Zagreb.



In order to continue the highest quality of services provided to its guests, the Hotel Esplanade must have an extremely high degree of organization for it’s more than one hundred employees.

The status quo prior to the project was that every department hand made their internal weekly schedule and put them on notice board. Work timesheet entries for employees were generated through an Excel file with a major drawback in that the file could not be filled simultaneously by two or more employees. There was obvious waste of precious time.

For each employee a manual Excel documents for the statutory timesheet recording, as well as records of overtime were made.

Due to the large number of data on a daily basis, business analysis and monitoring of business processes require a large amount of management time. There was a need for data on employee working hours to consolidate with data on actuals, budget and forecast.

The Esplanade requested for the software support for all of these business processes and to put them in one central place where they will be actively used by hotel employees in order to increase business efficiency.



Esplanade recognized a need for a business system that will at the same time be able to integrate data from multiple sources, to allow users to enter data by the means of various forms (Write-back reporting) and for reporting via the web, PDF, or Excel files.

In response to that need Qualia has recognized its own product for business intelligence, BusinessQ to be more then sufficient. The integration of transactional data, budget, forecast, last year’s results and entries in the time schedule is made ​​by automatic processes built in Talend Open Studio 4.2. Automatic processing is further optimized so that the data in the data warehouse based on MySQL 5.5 database are synchronized every hour. In order to support the need for effective supervision of the business processes we made ​​a dimensional and facts model – the data warehouse – optimized for fast reading. Based on DWH a data visualizations for the monitoring of key performance indicators were made, as well as for comparisons with the budget, forecast and last year amounts. Through a special user form an internal purchase orders were implemented with web approval.



The new system incorporated within BusinessQ platform for business intelligence is constantly available to all users via the Web which itself made ​​a positive shift in the business. The central repository has time management form for all employees, automated reporting for each department’s notice board and report to the statutory records of the work timesheet. New system is calculating overtime hours automatically. Process of purchase orders entry and their approval and print now takes place via the web. All of the above provides savings by speeding up business processes. Further savings are realized by reducing supplies like paper, toner etc.

Furthermore, from the same Web site management can have better information and is able to make decisions based on accurate and timely data. With monitoring reporting system they can easily, clearly and quickly monitor many aspects of their business.



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