About BusinessQ

BusinessQ provides the insight you need to make better business decisions. Let BusinessQ tell you the story of your business data in precise, effective and unambiguous way – from monitoring your Sales, overseeing your inventory, measuring business success, or tracking Key Performance Indicators.

It helps companies to see otherwise hidden patterns, to spot business problems on time as well as to identify useful opportunities in their raw data.

Small and medium businesses don’t want to and can’t invest 100s of thousands EUR or more on long-lasting BI implementations and can’t hire new employees to support and work on these systems. BusinessQ is made with small and midsize businesses at mind; our focus is on user-friendliness, interactivity, fast results and implementation, low-cost and best practices data visualization.

Why BusinessQ?

Every company, no matter how big or small, needs Reports. Daily, Monthy, Yearly Reports, Performance reports, Controlling, Reports for administration, Reports for Management… Use BusinessQ to get new reporting ideas, to create Reports and share them. Create appropriate Dashboards and take action on what is really important; stay up-to-date with what’s going in your business.

BusinessQ is all about making that easy and fun while maintaining data visualization integrity. Spend time reading Reports, not making them!

  • If Data is poorly represented, the BI project will fail
  • Without proper data visualization your are stuck with mere numbers and you’ll spend hours trying to understand them
  • Raw data can only be valuable when it is understood, and not just when it is available
  • Our brain is pattern-detecting software; BusinessQ is leveraging that fact
  • BusinessQ has built-in best practice data visualization
  • Business Dashboards are not here to entertain managers, but to inform them


Key Performance Indicators

BusinessQ has special visualization component dedicated to present KPI – Key Performance Indicators. In very simple and intuitive process, with BusinessQ visualize you KPIs in minutes. It is possible because we prepared predefined KPI layouts – horizontal, vertical, tabular with more or less data… From connection to your data to powerful Dashboard in 10 minutes.



Create appropriate BusinessQ Dashboards and take action on what is really important; stay up-to-date with what’s going in your business. Combine all the data you need from BusinessQ Reports, from multiple data sources and even multiple databases into single Dashboard.


Brilliantly Simple

We designed User Interface in such a way that an average BI user needs only couple of hours (or none at all) of education. It is sleek and intuitive just like the most simple web applications, but with the power and rich functionallities of desktop applications. While you will work in BusinessQ, the accent will be on your data, not on anything else – so data can tell you the true story of your business. We strive to put all features in the most logical places, all with point and click simplicity. And with Business Model you don’t have to learn a single line of SQL.